The First One

Hey y’all! It’s my first official blog post! These can be pretty awkward, so instead of writing some introduction or setting blog goals that I’ll feel guilty about not reaching later, let’s take a brief, picture-filled look at some of the other firsts in my life. You’ll get a glimpse into the sort of things you’ll be seeing here every week (namely comic books and cats).


The First Book I Ever Read Cover-to-Cover On My Own

The Doctor of Rhyme and also Characters Without Pants

The First Book I Ever Wrote
(Back and Front covers: You can click on these to check out what a cocky nine-year-old I was.)

Yes, this will get its own blog post one dayI have no idea what "Spellbound" is.











The First Time I Went Ice Skating
(Traumatic, but you’ll note my nerdy in full blossom with the Odyssey of the Mind t-shirt and the Pillsbury Doughboy necklace)

The jorts. THE JORTS.

The First Comic I Ever Bought
(I had no idea what was going on but I loved every panel of it–thanks 90s X-Men cartoon!)


The First Comic Book I Got a Credit In
(I spent a semester interning at Marvel and was lucky enough to get to write some recap pages.)

Golden Girls reference? CHECK.

First Notes I Took about The Cloak Society
(This is actually Page 3 of the notes since the first few were spoilery. It’s basically just a list of superpowers I might want to use, BUT it’s the first time “Cloak Society” was written down. Fun Fact: I took these notes while proctoring a Law School exam.)

Someone was almost named Aloe. For reals.

First of Many Pictures of My Cat, Loki, on The Blog

I mean... come on.

First Time I Saw an ARC of The Cloak Society

I know you're looking at the shirt. I'm sorry.

First Time I Visited HarperCollins

Not scene: Me freaking out

First Copy of The Cloak Society
(Not Pictured: Me freaking out)


And Finally, Link to My First Video Interview and Blog Interview

That’s all for now! Please click around for more substantial info. I’ll be back soon with actual news about The Cloak Society and upcoming projects soon! And more actual text. I promise.